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Small Bathroom Ideas and Design Tips for a Better Space

Today, it is no longer difficult to find the inspiring small bathroom ideas that can help you deal with the design limitations in a small space. Whether it is the cottage-inspired or modern small bathroom ideas you are looking for, these small bathroom design ideas can show you how the limited square footage shouldn’t be a reason not to create a great bathroom space!

Tips for Small Bathroom Ideas

With limited space to work with, inspiring small bathroom ideas feature the awesome ways you can follow to make the most of the available vertical and horizontal space. As the room has only one traffic lane, you can keep it undisrupted by pushing the sink to the corner. Rounded and floating the vanity is also a great choice for a small bathroom, since the absence of sharp edges will free you from bruised hips while opening up the space visually. Rather than installing a shower door that swings open and close, what about swapping it for the affordable shower curtain? You can also consider a sliding glass door or even simply a glass panel when the space is really tight. For more storage spaces, there are so many small bathroom ideas featuring extra floating shelves mounted to often unoccupied wall space, such as the one over the toilet.

Gallery of Small Bathroom Ideas and Design Tips for a Better Space

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