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Small Kitchen Ideas: Tips to Optimize the Limited Square Footage

With so many inspiring small kitchen ideas out there, it’s no longer difficult for you to find out the best ways in planning and designing a small kitchen of yours. Starting from a small kitchen design with smart storage ideas to small kitchen ideas with island, the possibilities are seemingly unending now. Today, we’ll share some great tips to help optimize the limited space offered.

Small Kitchen Ideas and Tips

Regardless of the kitchen size, storage always plays a critical role. As for the small kitchen ideas, the smart organizing and storage solutions can always provide an efficient way to prevent clutters from piling up. Creativity is always appreciated when planning for the storage for a small kitchen. Installing glass-front cabinet doors, mounting a floating shelf, or using wire organizers are only some of the common examples. Lighting is even more critical when it comes to a small kitchen. It can be easier if your kitchen has plenty of sunlight entering the space through the windows. What about a skylight? It even can open the ceiling and raise a portion of it. Without a doubt, you should also complement the natural light with task and ambient lighting so your small kitchen ideas will still provide the similar feeling even when the sun goes down.

Gallery of Small Kitchen Ideas: Tips to Optimize the Limited Square Footage

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