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Stair Risers to Present Artistic Stair Look

Stair risers are very essential in the stair because this is what makes stair functional. It makes the stair has certain height that is adjusted with the height that you want. The riser has different design and materials that you can choose based on the design that you like. If you prefer to have something unique in your stair, you can choose decorative design of risers. The decoration in the riser will be very attractive and appealing.

Unique Decorative Stair Risers

Since there are countless designs of stair risers that you can choose, try to opt for painted stair risers that are decorative and interesting. There are many motifs of painting that you can choose in your stair. The painting can be drawn by yourself or you can get the painted riser in the home depot. There will be many different paintings that you can choose from abstract, floral or geometrical paint on the riser. If you like to have a unique design of stair, you can choose painted riser. The painting makes the stair looks very artistic. For people who love something artistic and valuable, these stair risers design is much recommended. Your stair will be very unique and suitable with your style.

Gallery of Stair Risers to Present Artistic Stair Look

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